This morning HBR retracted a story on why women in China don’t rise up to the CXO level. In consultation with the author, we have decided to remove the text of this article from We did not properly convey the cultural context of the author’s observations. We, the editors,Continue Reading

I write for CNBC TV18 on the skills gap As Narendra Modi begins his second term as Prime Minister, there are many challenges his government faces. But, none more pressing than the issue of unemployment. Data shows that unemployment is at 6.1%, a 45-year high, and there seems to be few new jobsContinue Reading

This appeared in CNBCTV18, here Election season in India means fierce competition for farmers’ votes. With 52 percent of farmersin debt, loan waivers are a clear vote-winners for political parties. However, is it enough? With the recently concluded state elections in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, a new phase of farmContinue Reading

Gender Equality

The economies of the world are built on women’s unpaid work in the household and in the economy . It is time to redress this. I write for CNBC-TV18 Last fortnight, I had the opportunity to visit two villages, in Rajasthan and Maharashtra, where the focus was on women’s livelihood.Continue Reading