Mumbai Dusk

Mumbai.  My city. There is no where else in the world, that i feel so connected – and i have lived in other places. I can watch the city go by, for hours at a go. feeling every pulse of it. Alive, and full of hope. This is really whereContinue Reading

Sometimes, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a city like Mumbai, you come across a scene like this. It makes you stop and pause. Shot on a one plus one. It just was a golden hue, at sunrise … The last few days i have been hearingContinue Reading

Yesterday, i was sifting through the photos that i had shot during the travels. This one stood out for me, for one simple reason. In the ruined remains of a former, glorious, capital city, of the Khmer Empire, a thin gossamer of what may be a completely alive life form.  Everything elseContinue Reading

Mumbai is not, what you might call, a beautiful city. It has none of the splendour of a Delhi, or the old world charm of a Kolkata or Chennai, it probably is not as hep as parts of Bangalore and Pune. But, there is something about this city that isContinue Reading

so, there was a march today, to prove that India was tolerant. and, while on the face of it, it was a good idea – who can disagree with the concept of ‘marching for tolerance’, it has gone wrong  in terms of basics – don’t lose your temper, smile, wave,Continue Reading

And, there are some more shots. I have been practising night shooting. It is fun, especially trying to capture varying degrees of brightness at different points of the skyline. A lot of photography is framing. It is the same premise as when you frame a shot. How should the shot look?Continue Reading