Conflict - Documentary Poster

Conflict (Documentary) available on Netflix, is the story of photojournalists who cover conflict. It tells 6 discrete stories of 6 different photographers, from different parts of the world, who document some of the worst conflicts on earth, today. Conflict on Netflix, a documentary made in 2016 tells the stories ofContinue Reading

If , like me, you were brought up on a steady diet of commando comics, then the story of Dunkirk would be familiar to you. A beleaguered British Army, chased to the ocean by the all powerful German Army. And, a motely group of spitfires, ships, and fishermen who helpContinue Reading

My twitter TL bubbles over with Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar ping pong. She said, he said, she said, columnists said, anchors said. Lots of people with lots of views. Honestly, i couldn’t be bothered, except to say one thing. If you keep lashing out, someone one day will lashContinue Reading

  Many moons ago, i watched a war film called Operation Daybreak, the story of Czech partisans – fighting for the British Army – whose mission it is to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich . Heydrich was the brain behind the plan for the Final Solution – a soultion that would see millionsContinue Reading

I finally got to see Dear Zindagi. A story about a young woman – a cinematographer – who has everything going for her. She is confident, talented, good looking – and yet feeling completely out of sorts. Nightmares. Insomnia. A sense of being on the edge with everyone in herContinue Reading

I can’t remember if I saw, the original Jungle Book on television, or in the cinema hall. But, i remember watching it the first time, with complete delight. I loved the characters – Bagheera, the panther who is Mowgli‘s guardian angel in the jungle, Baloo – the sloth bear whoContinue Reading

  All in all, it wasn’t quite as bad as the critics made it out to be. Definitely worth a watch on the big screen. The film is set some 20 years after Batman first picks up his cape and cowl. Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is a darker Batman than theContinue Reading