This morning HBR retracted a story on why women in China don’t rise up to the CXO level. In consultation with the author, we have decided to remove the text of this article from We did not properly convey the cultural context of the author’s observations. We, the editors,Continue Reading

This piece on rape, and gang rape, appeared on the 9th of December A young woman in Hyderabad faced every woman’s worst nightmare. Her two-wheeler deliberately punctured, she is kidnapped by 4 men, who rape her, and then burn her. Her body is discovered the next day. Some reports suggestContinue Reading

As the Kerala Nun fights for justice, the Indian state has to stand firmly for the rights of the individual. I write for Firstpost  The Oscar winning film Spotlight looked at the investigation into child sex abuse by priests of the Catholic Church, and how the Church when told aboutContinue Reading