Oct 302005

was talking to my grandmother and my periappa this mornin g. Both Chennai and AP seem to be floating in tons of water.

Both asked me why MSM doesnt’ seem to think that Chennai and Vizag deserve national coverage. Afterall, a whole chunk of the audience – especially the English viewing one – seems to be sitting there.

My grandmother said “they (the MSM) don’t consider anything South of Narmada to be part of India”

What she said rankled, but it seems true. I can understand the Hindi news channels not carrying too much on the floods – assuming that Hindi caters to a regional audience – but surely the English channels and papers could have done a bit more.

check out Jaggy’s photofeature on the floods in Chennai here.

Oct 302005

This from the DNA

A labourer’s wife has been sold off by his employer because of the former’s inability to repay debt in Gothada village of the district, police said on Friday.

Kanwarlal used to work at Karulal’s farm along with his wife, Shardabai. Kanwarlal used to take credit from the farm owner and the debt on his head had accumulated to Rs 5,000.

Unable to repay the debt, the labourer left his wife with his employer around three months back.

The victim kept working in the accused’s farm. Shardabai was sold off to Nandram Gayari 25 days back for Rs 10,000.

Upon learning about the incident, her relatives informed police. And the police have arrested Karulal and Nandram, while twoother accused were still at large.

My first reaction on reading this was OMG – how can this happen.
On the second reading – the reaction was, “is the case an exception or is it fairly normal”. obviously the ‘husband’ had no problems leaving the wife with the employer.
obviously the employer had no problems reselling the woman to the next person.
And no one blinks an eye lid.