Jul 032009

“We declare that Section 377 of the IPC, insofar as it criminalises consensual sexual acts of adults in private, is violative of Articles 21 [Right to Protection of Life and Personal Liberty], 14 [Right to Equality before Law] and 15 [Prohibition of Discrimination on Grounds of Religion, Race, Caste, Sex or Place of Birth] of the Constitution.”

About time. The State has no business to peek into our bedroom. this is not just about decriminalizing homosexuality – it is about ensuring everyones’ right to privacy.

i predict that every religious nut-case organisation- from the Bajrang Dal to SIMI  will join hands to create disturbance.finally something will unite them.

When that happens, I hope that the State & Civil Society beat them down. Constitutional rights are universal and applicable to everyone in the nation. Religious rights are only for those who observe. Religious leaders cannot ask for their dogma to be imposed on the rest of the state.

The way ahead is to ensure that all laws that contradict fundamental rights are repealed one by one. And, when there is a dispute between Constitutional Law and Religious Law -the former triumphs.

I hope that this is the precedent for ensuring greater equality for all sections of society, especially women who are governed by archaic Christian and Muslim codes. Thankfully, Nehru freed Hindu women of that tyranny – now it is the time for our sisters to get their due in terms of rights.

for more read Religion vs. Gender Equality & Feminism - by Mahendra.

Dec 062007

Today is the anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition…… it is also the anniversary of a particularly unpleasant personal failure, that was ignited by the demolition….

I was a student in London when the Mosque came down with a whole bunch of [tag]Hindutvadi’s[/tag] baying for blood. Do you remember [tag]Sadhvi Rithambra[/tag] screeching “ek aur dakha do …. [tag]Babri Masjid[/tag] Tod Do”.

I remember the sheer sense of numbness…. not just because I witnessed desecration, not just because a bunch of ‘civilized’ people were in the throes of a blood lust, but also because it was committed in the name of my religion. And, I have always been spiritual… and this action, for me, was as much blasphemy …… as someone breaking down a temple….

The reaction from assorted friends and family was diverse. There were those as appalled as me (and many of them were the older generation). But for others it was seen as ‘teaching them a lesson’. Many my age — cousins, brother, friends told me that i had become westernised because i lived ‘there’ and didn’t really see why the mosque had to go… Today 15 years later, i have been back for 13….. and am as desi as they come… and I still can’t see why..

Today, 15 years later … not much has changed….the views expressed by a whole bunch of guys on the Hindutvadi side has not changed…… except that today it is being justified in the name of terrorism..Read this and mourn the death of the Indian values of ‘tolerance’ and co-existence…..

Malhotra also criticised induction of Muslims in the Army and Paramilitary forces through special drive claiming that it gives terrorists a chance to penetrate into armed forces.

This was part of the press conference where Malhotra was defending Modi on his utterances on [tag]Sohrabuddin[/tag] .

Two very different posts on December 6th…. both worth reading:

Read Mohib on how to Get Ram back to Ayodhya; a readerwords on it is still 6th December and read about the loss of innocence here.

Mar 172006

I am glad that someone somewhere had the courage to stand up and issue an edict against those who use religion to spread terror. Infact there are two fatwas – One against terrorists the other agianst attacking religious structures. And it is nice to know that it is Indians who are issuing these fatwas and not anyone from the so called "islamic’ states. I hope that all other religious heads take heed and issue similar strictures for followers of their faith – on any form of violence. [tag] India,Islam,fatwa,terrorism [/tag]