Apr 092008

… doesn't seem as simple as it was in early days. There is something about non violent protest and the power of a mighty state brought to bear against these protesters that seems to have got people who don't even know where [tag]Tibet[/tag] is, to have an opinion on [tag]the Olympics[/tag], [tag]China[/tag], [tag]human rights[/tag] and everything else in between. Obviously the story hasn't gone off the front pages, wire services, blogs or discussion boards. Today 3 very different sets of headlines made me shake my head in amazement :

a) Bush May Boycott Elections – the man who killed a million or more in the Name of Democracy has decided that China in Tibet is a worse offender than him in Iraq.  

b) China vows to take Olympic torch to Tibet –  Bull in a China Shop methodology. Let us bludgeon instead of conversing. 

c)  Olympic Torch must Pass Through Inda Safe : Left – The only way that 'instruction' can be followed is to impose a complete curfew replete with shoot on sight orders …. so that those who carry the Olympic Torch are not hampered by protesters. Otherwise, get used to the sight of the Indian police using force on non-violent protesters ….. 

Have 'leaders' worldwide lost it ? 

Apr 042008

My new hero is Baichung Bhutia and I don't even follow football.

To stand up for what you believe in, and state that belief in a non violent and dignified  manner is the basis on which [tag]India[/tag] fought for her Independence. To see someone in today's day and age doing that warms the cockles of my heart. Especially when you read about athletes from elsewhere not being able to express their protest on [tag]Tibet[/tag] because sponsors – who have large commercial interests in [tag]China[/tag]- may not like it.

Obviously, the CPI(M) – which with every passing day sounds more like a fully owned subsidiary of the Chinese Government — has been fairly displeased with Baichung's decision

CPM — West Bengal Sports Minister Subhas Chakraborty said “Baichung shouldn’t have done this. It’s embarrassing.”

This is the same CPI(M) that didn't feel embarrassed when:

  • The Indian Ambassador to [tag]Beijing [/tag] was summoned at 2 hours past midnight … as far as I know the Chinese are still a 'friendly' nation, and calling the ambassador at 2 a.m. … if nothing else … should be embarrassing. It is serious bad behavior. But, Mr. Karat is not embarassed by it… he thinks that it is par for the course…. I wonder how he would react if the Indian Government called in the Chinese Ambassador at 2 in the morning to be told about their behavior in [tag]Arunachal Pradesh[/tag]
  • China occupies Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh, depriving our fellow citizens of basic freedom and democracy (however flawed it may be). I would really be interested to know the CPI(M)'s stand on Arunachal Pradesh. 
  • China refuses a visa for inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh – claiming that as Chinese citizens they don't need a visa to visit China.
  • It issues a veiled threat on [tag]Nagaland[/tag] and [tag]Jammu & Kashmir[/tag] –
Those in India who want to join this chorus for an independent Tibet will be doing a great disservice to our own country. Are we going to support a free Nagaland? Or a free Jammu and Kashmir? Or those other secessionist demands?

China has been meddling in Nagaland for donkey's year's and they occupy part of Jammu and Kashmir. 

  • Human rights are violated – whether in India or outside it. 

Our party’s stand is very clear that any country whether it was China, Russia, or India, should  not disintegrate in the name of human rights and rights of ethnic minorities.

So it is ok to , murder Kashmiri's, burn down the homes of those who protest against land grabbing, mow down non violent protesters . It's ok in the name of Nationalism… And, if that is a not an embarrassing thought or policy … I'm not sure what is…  

If the price of 'National Integration' or 'ideological superiority' is human rights violations or the suppression of the rights of ethnic minorities — then the nation is on its way to a breakup …. There is only so much you can do with force … how many people are you going to kill to maintain your 'Nation' your 'Empire' or your 'ideology' . Remember [tag]Nandigram[/tag]? If there is amnesia about Nandigram, then try the [tag]Dandi March[/tag].

Mar 282008

….the Chinese Ambassador to Canada :

''The [tag]Dalai Lama[/tag] has been telling lies to the world for decades,''

''What has happened in Tibet was instigated by separatist groups led by Dalai Lama clique.''
 ''Any remarks made accusing [tag]China[/tag] of so called [tag]human rights[/tag] suppression, I consider that irresponsible and inappropriate and it's interference in China's internal issues,''

Maybe, India should just bite the bullet and boycott the [tag]Olympics[/tag]. We anyway have a snowball's chance in hell of making the medals list. So might as well take the moral high ground and stay away. The least that this action would do is save the tax payer some money.