Coronavirus, more specifically Covid 19, has cut a swathe through the world, infecting over half a million people, and being the cause of death of over 30,000 people – mostly senior citizens. The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus tracker is one of the scariest realtime maps you can come across. It hasContinue Reading

This appeared in CNBC TV18 on the 13th of February With the Coronavirus claiming over a 1000 lives, the spotlight of the world is on communicable diseases and preventing their outbreak. A few years earlier, the world’s attention was on Ebola, which claimed over 20,000 lives when it was atContinue Reading

The budget speech has been delivered. And, it was a long speech. The Finance Minister made several literary references. Quoting Kashmiri poet, Dina Nath Kaul, she said that everything the government did was for the “payara vatan” or beloved country. Quoting Tamil poet Avvaiyar she said ‘tend to the land,Continue Reading