Aug 282005

Almost where I stay – the red star.

A brand new site Mymapindia that

is really the first website (you may have heard of Google Maps, Google Earth, Mapquest etc.) focused PURELY on India.

I like their style of marketing – catching hold of bloggers to create a meme. slow, organic and therefore lasting 🙂

Check them out.

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  1. hey this great news.. earlier i have used google maps they too good but only focus in depth for US only…

  2. Nice, but not nice enough. Would have been nice if the map were free at all zoom levels. Also, it’s not to scale, thus limiting its application in the real world. On a related note, please check out
    I truly believe that maps are the new paradigm of social software/activism, etc. Time they were free for all.


  3. Hi Sid
    your car pool thingee sounds good. will write about it.

  4. […] the aptly named MapmyIndia, a year-old site pointed at by blog POV. It appears to be marketing itself as an India-centric alternative to the global mapping services, […]

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