Oct 212005

In the last couple of weeks there has been construction work happening outside our office. A sidewalk is being built. And there is a whole bunch of people working on it. This particular young man wheels in gravel.

Adarsh Nagar, where the office is situated is also a MAHDA colony -with houses (they are called huts, but don’t look like any hut that I have seen), as opposed to apartments.
And there is huge ground smack in between the colony.

I have seen more kids out playing here than anywhere else in Mumbai. It is vacations now, and the kids are out full strength to play. And playing cricked under the sun with everyone jamming in seems to give them great pleasure.

This particular girl seems to be fascinated with the dynamics of building a road. I really liked the interplay of shadows and light. and the absolute rapt curioiusity on her face.

I would have loved a closer shot – but that would have meant sacrificing the spontaneity.

Despite the fact that half the television industry is in Adarsh Nagar, there is a certain old world charm about the area. Innocence here is still not lost.

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  1. Those are some nice moments captured there H! First one was pure joy of work with a smile that says “I love my life”! The second one is obviously very nostalgic since it reminds of my playing days in street and the small gilr in the third one is sooooooo CHWEET! Keep Clicking!

  2. hi ramchi
    tnx for the words of encouragement. will do.
    the small girl is adorable.
    the kids playing cricket are noisy :)
    reminds me of the poem – what are little girls made of …:)

  3. guess ours were the only photoblogs featured at last week’s bbm….nice blog!

  4. Hey
    Ashwin here
    the residential of Adarsh Nagar i like ur Pics man
    those r cool and Artical also
    I am in adarsh nagar from last 19 yrs. my half life gone here
    and i m proud to be part of it.

  5. hi i m the resident of Adarsh Nagar

    This is the only reason that i could not stay away from our colony it simply the best place on this planet.

  6. I love a girl who lived in adarsh nagar. She read in DICS. I really love him but i don’t know she loved me or not .can any one help me.

  7. If any one know him please tell me.my email id is

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