Mar 202009

HyperActiveX – came up with that title on a conversatin thread on FB.
And, this was in context of Mr.Advani – the leader of the BJP – who has decided to use the net to reach out to audiences that extensively use the net. (‘younger audiences’ 🙂

In typical desi style, they have gone in for overkill. Have money, will spend – and will appear on every site you visit, at any point of time, with reference to any kind of content – omnipresent…

On Wednesday, i was up at 5. Was supposed to leave for Shirdi at 5.30 – but that has got pushed slightly. So i was catching up with news for the day. And bingo pops up Mr.Advani. at 5 in the morning. I almost choked on the coffee and then i saw the irony of it, and laughed

The omnipresent mr.advani

The omnipresent mr.advani

Somehow the advertising seemed to endorse Varun Gandhi … I am sure that it was not the intention. I am also sure that Mr.Advani and the BJP are fairly embarrassed by this immature and public outburst of what is the hidden philosophy. But that is not the issue. The issue is bad placement. It’s a bit like a Cola Ad appearing after a story on cola damaging the teeth or whatever, or a mobile ad appearing in a cricket match everytime India loses a wicket… it is bad media strategy. Very bad !

It is primarily bad, because it reminds people who are on the fence, the issues that make them uncomfortable with the BJP.

It kind of brought home all the one single reason why i find it difficult to consider the BJP as a party to lead the Government at the centre … despite my acute disenchantment with the Congress. The BJP attracts every psychopathic nutcase – and this kind of rhetoric thrives. Every time a church gets burned, a woman gets beaten up, silliness like purification ceremonies occur at temples because people of ‘lower’ castes have entered it .. check to see the State Government in power .. it is either directly the BJP or a party with BJP support.

There are a whole bunch of very eminent bloggers who have come out to endorse the BJP on account that the Congress has failed to guarantee our security. You know what, i am more scared of marauding hoardes beating me up because I fail to live up to their definition of “Indian Culture” than i am of nutcases planting bombs. Somehow, my main issue with the BJP is internal security, and their ability to hold back their saffron cousins.

And of course, do i really want the trioka of Yashwant Sinha, Jaswant Singh and Arun Shourie handling the economy ?

And finally, the great Indian electorate does not elect a Prime Minister. It elects Members of Parliament. The largest party or the largest coalition nominates its PM candidate. Maybe, it is time that advertisers took their heads out of their colonised butts and realised that, thankfully, we don’t have an American set up for choosing either our representatives or our Leader.