Collateral on Netflix, is a taut tight thriller, that is at the intersection of three organisations linked to the murder of a pizza delivery boy in London. it is based around the frissions between important people in , what Marx would term, the superstructure – The Military, Intelligence Services, TheContinue Reading

My column in today’s DNA The cornerstone of a free market economy is competition – many suppliers who compete against each other for the attention and custom of the consumer. For the buyer there is a diversity of products to choose from, and the fact that there are many suppliersContinue Reading

  After almost 3.5 years I turned on my parents’ TV set today to watch Aamir Khan’s show Satyameva Jayate. I must confess upfront that i am not an Aamir fan – i find his films terribly self indulgent, I find his projected persona very tiresome & self righteous. IContinue Reading

If a boat capsizes in the North East (Assam to be precise) and no one hears of it, are there still casualties ? Hopes dimmed on Tuesday of finding more survivors after an overcrowded ferry split in two and sank in northeast India, leaving more than 100 dead and aroundContinue Reading