May 162009

Two days ago I tweeted that Congress has won the elections

packing. back to #mumbai tmrw. will catch election results. my money on the Congress. Ambanis exit poll says so 🙂

Not because i voted for the Congress – I did – or adore the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh – i do or because i was indulging in kite flying. It was because i read  a little story of the best election result indicator ever. The Ambani’s – despite their internal dispute – independently met Congress & UPA leaders. Last time around despite the “India Shining” idiocy – they met Sonia Gandhi.

For me, as for a lot of the electorate – it didn’t matter that MMS was not from the Lok Sabha. When it came to voting, it was a man of strength v/s a man who spoke of strength .


Advani v/s MMS came down to basics – whining v/s strength. bitterness v/s vision.powerlust v/s duty. exclusion v/s inclusion. Hindutva v/s Bharatiyata. Yesterday v/s Tomorrow. The people have chosen well.


The BJP needs to take a strong hard look at itself. Most people don’t want Hindutva. Because Hindutva is not going to feed them, clothe them and look out for their futre. They voted for development and stability. The BJP needs to look for an agenda – that is not about temples, mosques and stuff that happened eons ago. I would love to pray at the temple of Somanth – but I am not going to vote for that.


The other good news is that The left is decimated that hopefully means one doesn’t have to see Prakash & Brinda Karat again and their smugness 🙂 Hopefully, this means that someone sensible will take over the Left – which needs to introspect the same way that the BJP needs to and come up with an agenda that is in this century.

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  1. Yay, indeed!

    I like your summary of the contrast between the Iron Man and “Singh is King.” Spot on.

    • thank you.
      my grandmother called up from Chennai yesterday. she is all of 88. she was laughing with joy. Singh has won, she said. “one of us has won (namba aalu jayachirkaan )” ….

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  3. Final verdict of stable government is now sure without being blackmailed by small regional parties for their selfish causes. I hope in this recession time, voters has chosen right path of saying no to hung assembly and giving importance to national parties.

    And the funny thing is about Ramvilas Paswan and Mayawati who were claiming to be in prime minister’s race.R V Paswan loses the seat and Mayawati is not in position to make any biased deal such as closure of CBI chargesheet in corruption manner.

    Nice comparison between advani and manmohan singh. Still I consider Singh as mere pawn in internal politics.Yes he may be independent and good in external and financial policies.

    • i am so glad that the blackmailers are out. all parties – especially the BJP and the CPI(M) need to take a hard look at themselves and what they stand for.

      i hope that the Congerss does not let this go to their head. I hope that Rahul continues cleaning up the Party. And i hope that we have a mix of youth and experience in cabinet. i would like to see the younger lot becomes MoS in various ministries.

      And, i would like to see Party elections in the Congress.

  4. Couldn’t agree more (which is not surprising – gmta). I did a small jig in my hotel room in Bangkok when I got the news that Congress was way ahead. I liked your “man of strength v/s a man who spoke of strength” and the paragraph following that.

    Also agree re: La famille Karat. However, we need a ‘real’ left, just so we can strengthen our tri-partisan polity. As I commented not too long ago (FB status) “It’s time we had a left which is a left, and not a left of right which is actually center – so we can turn left when right goes wrong” Fortunately, the right didn’t come to power. However there was hardly a left to talk about.

  5. if i was the dance on the street types – i would have.

    i want to see workers’ rights to be protected – there is no one in that space, not the left nor the right
    the trouble is that other parties define themselves as ‘not congress’ – which is not what the country needs.

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