Judicial Commission into Mumbai Police raids??? – be careful what you wish for !!

I hate being a wet blanket, but when I see poorly drafted, poorly thought through work like this – i really lose it. A friend sent me this to sign, i took one look at it and rang his number to ask him my version of a dozen questions .


  1. Which laws do you want repealed?
  2. What about the age limit for consuming alcohol ? 16,18, 21, 25
  3. Should there be a license or should a government issued identity proof do for consumption of alcohol?
  4. Should the law on Marijuana consumption and sale be repealed  (logic says that it is old fashioned too) ?
  5. How about the NDPS act of 1985. Should that go ?
  6. Should there be a time limit for establishments to shut down ?
  7. Should there be a decibel limit for establishments ? What about the SC ruling on noise pollution, is that old fashioned?
  8. How should establishments deal with PDA (public display of affection)  ?
  9. Should they intervene if there is heavy PDA in public that makes others around them uncomfortable?
  10. Should people be allowed to carry fire arms into establishments ?
  11. Should smoking be allowed in public places?
  12. Should parents be allowed to bring their children into these places? How young ?
And finally, if you get your judicial commission and Justice Katju heads it what happens ?
It is almost like people have collectively lost it. Putting up petitions like this may just have been a joke – and if it was my apologies for the rant. If it wasn’t, maybe rather than doing this kind of lazy slipshod work, let us start with basics. What do we want changed? can we be specific?
(his response – aare meri maa, mein toh bas forward kar raha tha, don’t screw my trip ) 😀
Here to get the Ball Rolling :
a) repeal the Bombay Prohibition Act of 1949
b) reduce the age limit for alcohol consumption to 18 or 21 (they can get married at 18, vote at 18 – surely they can drink at 18)
c) Maybe we need two sets of establishment licenses – those set in residential areas shut down by 1.30, those in industrial areas (such as Sun Mills compound or Bandra Kurla) can stay open till whenever
d) No separate license for drinking alcohol. Government/Inst.  issued photo id – driving license, college ID card, voters’ card, passport, pan card, Aadhar – should be enough.
e) Transparent Single window clearances for business people who want to invest in eateries and watering holes. the problem is not the number of licenses you need, the problem is the run around the different departments in the systems
Please add to the list

And for Gods sake before asking for things like Judicial commissions take a long hard look at the judges – they make ACP Dhoble and Mr.R.R.Patil seem like libertines!

And finally,

for those of you who think that there are too many licenses for F&B establishments in Mumbia, do take a look — in detail – at the paperwork you need for similar establishments in NewYork  

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  1. “..when I see poorly drafted, poorly thought through work like this – i really lose it.”

    Does that mean you never read this blog?

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