Nov 152010

Rani the Curious

…. and the Dog(ess) who rules our household with a firm paw.

She has perfected the art of division of labour in the household – dad is for treats, mom is for feeds, i for grooming, and JD for playing … though sometimes she gives us time out from our appointed tasks and goes to the other and commands them to serve.

She also is very clear that she is the centre of attention in the family. All conversations have to include her – so if whether we are discussing the telecom scam or what we would like to eat for dinner – rani has to be asked what she thinks. She may glare at us balefully and put her head down or snort her amusement or bark till we change the topic. The bulk of family conversations happen with me brushing her – where she shows each part of her torso to be brushed. If i am diverted too much by the conversation – she chides me and commands me back to work !

She also hates being left out of anything. If we go out – without her – she can sulk, scream, pummel the door and cry like an abandoned child when we return. She also has a repertoire of swear words – all of us know when she is swearing – i wonder if all dogs do that … when we go out she uses it on us. If we leave the house without saying bye to her she has been known to swear at the offending person when they come home… JD got the brunt of it a few weeks ago…

There was a time when i got home really late – was out partying with friends. I got home and opened the door to realise that Madam is sitting at the door. She read me the riot act in the loudest possible voice …must have woken up people two buildings away…

And finally the Beetles got it wrong in “a Hard day’s night and i’ve been working like a dog” – she is just about the laziest thing that i have ever seen … more Garfield than Dog … with Hobbes’ sense of humour:)

Aug 092009


The Boss.

Quite a character. Swears like a sailor. Commands like an empress. Plays like a child. Is stubborn as a mule. Sulks like a prima donna. stalks like a hunter. pranoid. self willed. with a sense of humour . Never name your dog Rani or Raja – they get delusions of grandeur.

We initally wanted to call her Cleopatra – thank heavens, we didn’t. Had we done that , she would have insisted on bathing in asses milk !

Apr 282008

The Dogess with a Sense of Humour

The Dogess with a sense of humour :) albeit a warped one ! 

Lurking ...

Lurking …. That's what she does best.

Yes she is gorgeous.  No, she is definitely not friendly. No, No, even if you are good with other dogs … she is still dangerous. Seriously. Not dangerous maybe…. just paranoid with a tendency to attack first and ask questions later. No, she will be very apologetic….. It's cool. it's only three injections in today's day and age. No, No, not 14. Yes, I have had a dose of injections. …. my hand got in the way of her teeth :)