Today is Janmashtrami. There are many aspects of Krishna, and different people worship different aspects of him. Some the philosopher who reveals the Bhagvad Gita, yet other the unit of Radha and Krishna. yet others the slayer of demons. In our family the tradition has been to worship Balakrishna (krishnaContinue Reading

… is that they grow old in front of your eyes. Your naughty little pup, becomes a regal old matriarch. She could jump from on end of the room to another as a pup, now she hobbles. Her once sharp eyes, now have cataract. But, her sense of humour remainsContinue Reading

Ever since WordPress 4.8 was introduced, I have had serious problems. One with memory being clogged. The second with wordpress’s visual editor going walkies. As one of the best retorts on the WP Forums said (and you could hear the sheer frustration -) the best fix for wordpress 4.8, isContinue Reading

Appa used to love ironing his jeans. Smart creases. And, he was particular about how the jeans were ironed. All of us in the household have heard him given detailed instructions to the istriwallah on ironing jeans. We had also seen him iron them himself, to get it just right.Continue Reading

I tend to prioritise the things that i am, and i like to do, towards the end of the to do queue. For a person who rarely procrastinates professionally, or has very little pending work on a daily basis – including responding to mails, i tend to procrastinate a lotContinue Reading