Jan 072008

When we got the house a year ago… the plan was for a garden. Not just a garden with flowering plants, but also fruits, veggies and spices….. mom and dad joked about growing grass – as their retirement plan…… at least I think it was a joke….

[tag]Nangargaon[/tag] in Lonavala is normally beautiful….. but, come winter it just blooms with various colours…

The Neighbours

The neighbourhood – Nangargaon, Lonavala 

Our garden was planted with bougainvillea …. which is abundant around the place… and Mr.Rokade (the gardner) had planted banana, lemon, papaya, mogra, kadipatta and tulsi….


My garden….. the first plant ever planted….

A couple of weeks ago, when we went to Lonavala, we went off an got some plants from the nursery…. we granted ourselves Rs.250 each and could buy what we wanted…. irrespective of what the others had purchased…..We came back with some lovely flowering plants…..
Hello World )

Perachy Swirls...

Orange Glory

I will be a flower tomorrow.

There are more… but i am afraid that this will look like a florists’ blog…. nothing wrong with that except that I don’t know the name of most of the flowers…. which is why the pics get exotic names like morning glory and orange swirl…. etc :)