The last ten days have been fairly good for justice in India First is the landmark law – the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 – that prevents abuse of women within a household – this includes mental torture, physical violence and marital rape. Then, yesterday comes theContinue Reading

I was going to write an obituary for the excellent Desi Pundit, but it came back to life. Maybe, there is a moral in this somewhere …

After 18 months of using the extremely good Powweb hosting services, i moved to that offered by WebbleYou. The move wasn’t without its’ fair share of drama. When the form asked me for my domain name for transferring, i gave them rather than which is the blog url.Continue Reading

The view the verandah the location : nagargaon (lonavala) a home of my own – with its own little garden patch and a view that takes the woes away. Suddenly, i feel very tethered – a loan, a home….

From the DNA: The Aurangabad bench of the Bombay high court, comprising Justice AP Deshpande and Justice RM Borde, issued notice to Google last week following a public interest litigation initiated by 22-year-old advocate Yugant R Marlapalle. In his petition, Marlapalle, who is also an Orkut member, took exception toContinue Reading

Rani Houndess has been seriously depressed over the last few weeks. Sluggish, refusing to walk, snarly, irritable, snappy and at times down right unfriendly with a ‘come near me and i will take off your head’ look. Amma put it down? to her assimilating the ‘dominant personality’ of her chidrenContinue Reading

…by our esteemed Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has held that unlike the charge of attempt to murder, the Indian Penal Code does not recognise the charge of attempt to rape. Rape is said to have been committed only if a man inserts his sexual organ into the victim. AnyContinue Reading