Most of my listening this year was classic [tag]Hindustani Classical Music[/tag] (HCM). Some phenomenal stuff available in the market place. Of all the music that i heard there are two sets of series that gave me the most joy & pleasure – and if you like HCM – escpecially vocalContinue Reading

I am not shedding tears at the death of Saddam. Nor is this a rant on the inappropriateness of the death sentance. Instead it is a lament for justice. ‘Justice’ that is delivered without due process being followed is vigilantism – and there is no worse example for Democracy (let’sContinue Reading

This from Kuro5hin Filmmaker Brian Flemming and the Rational Response Squad are challenging YouTubers to upload videos of themselves, blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Whoever does so and follows the instructions will receive a free DVD of Flemming’s film, The God Who Wasn’t There, a documentary which puts forward the hypothesisContinue Reading

…. an interesting new directory service- PutVote – an interesting new social bookmarking service – (thanks Debashish), that indulges in the great indian past time of wanting to vote on everything.

A friend of mine, who subs for a leading English newspaper, sent me this: ….(a) robbery story I subbed today… Police officials inform that the gang approached a showroom at night, tied the watchman and eloped with the loot. And of course, the dish ran away with the spoon. Maybe,Continue Reading

An editorial from the Washington Post BIGOTRY COMES in various guises — some coded, some closeted, some colossally stupid. The bigotry displayed recently by Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., a Republican who represents a patch of south-central Virginia, falls squarely in the third category. Mr. Goode, evidently in a stateContinue Reading

…. feels the Great Bong, to postpone the strike just before Christmas. And he offers suggestions on how she can make reparations. The situation can only be salvaged if the strike be postponed to 26th and 27th which in hindsight may be even better because then Kolkatans, in addition toContinue Reading

…. and seen to be done. Manu Sharma is guilty of Jessica Lall’s Murder. There were a flurry of SMS’s last night – mostly from women friends – and for all of us, at some level, it had become personal. It was almost as though, in India, a man couldContinue Reading

… not quite like walking like an Egyptian but close. I used to wonder how my mother used to unerringly find out that any one in the family had been out drinking. After all none of us reached home reeking of the stuff. She used the same tactics to sniffContinue Reading