The Left has Left….

… will the Right do what is right ? Rajya Dharma or Rajniti Dharma — i wonder which the BJP will follow on the nuclear deal ?

What the withdrawal of support by the Left has proven is that ‘Secularism’ – in the absence of other common ideals and principles – is not a good enough basis for a political alliance. Anymore than ‘socialism’ or ‘democracy’ or ‘hope’ or even ‘love’ is.

The UPA government began its term with Sonia Gandhi ‘renouncing’ power in National Interest. It seems like it may end its term with the Party renouncing power to defend a deal that they believe is in National Interest.

I am for one glad that the Congress Party has taken a stand. I am glad that the stand is in favour of the deal. I am glad that they had the courage to tell the Left to take a walk. I am glad that there is someone there trying to do the best as far as the Indian people are concerned.

Today, while the PM is at the G8 Summit – he may reflect on Nietzsche

Out of Life’s school of war, what does not destroy me, makes me stronger

He may also glance at a shloka from the Bhagvad Gita (ch.2, 14)

Thy right is to work only; but never to the fruits thereof. Be thou not the producer of the fruits of (thy) actions; neither let thy attachment be towards inaction

As I asked at the begining — will the BJP do what is right, or is it going to play politics with the long term energy security of the people of India ? It will be an interesting fortnight in politics.

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  1. Author

    ‘Secularism’ ???
    come on – i know about ur stand and respect it but
    is giving special lollypops to the so called minority community and keeping minority interests first secularism and looking into the tiny muslim vote bank prism on every decision truely secular?
    i dont think so! No party in India is secular Neither the congress nor the communists let alone mulayam.

    The bjp had a principled stand against this deal and they are sticking to it – however shallow it might be…
    the communist stand is rabidly anti american
    the pms stand is i want my legacy

    One thing for sure is that the PM will be a releaved man. Markets like people hate uncertainty – and Communist policy was highly uncertain. There is a kind of certainty in this deal – buy time to postpone elections and prepare for them.

    i just posted on this situation

  2. Author

    i would think that the PM is relieved.

    I believe that disadvantaged communities ought to be given sops. and the Muslims in India are the lowest on every aspect of the HDI. education, health, income etal.

    However, i agree that the parties are using this to play politics – including the BJP.

    i believed that the Communists were ‘secular’ – in the sense that they believed in a Constitutional separation of State and Religion. But, their actions in Nandigram and their persecution of Taslima — left a bitter taste.

    the BJP and principled stand do not go together. They have taken on their role in opposition to oppose everything that the Govt. does, and that includes stuff that they believe in. that is not the role of the opposition.
    if they win it would be because of the inflation – and that is more an anti i Govt vote, than a pro BJP vote. frankly, what does the BJP stand for anymore.
    – they are soft on terror (remember Jaswant Singh accompanying terrorists to Kandahar)
    – they are wonky on liberalization – the right of their party is as against liberalization as the Left is
    – they are affiliated with blatantly communal organisations – the VHP, the RSS etal
    – they are wonky on national interest . they are selling out the country for short term political interests – this is a deal that Vajpayee would have signed

    it is sad that a nation of 1 billion people has so little choice in terms of political representatives of all hues and shades 🙁

  3. Author

    Lets take each of ur statement and analyse from my perspective –

    //I believe that disadvantaged communities ought to be given sops//
    i remotely agree but not in the indian context
    then again lets add obc , bc etc everyone needs sops and it never stops – plus the way policy is made here – one result is certain – Ghetto vote banks and Hatred!!!

    //the Communists were ’secular’ Constitutional separation of State and Religion//
    Dont see talk – see action – nothing they done shows that they are agonistic – they should be a-religious and agonistic – but are they?
    Form the 50s nehru socialist era history books have never pointed the negatives of islam or even the partion horrors- while hinduism has been the religion of flogging of writers lobby.
    They used and still use muslim vote banks to boost votes and nowadays openly accept it.

    i know that u dislike the bjp and make no bones about it – im not a fan either but i find it a lot better still than others – atleast when atal was pm.

    //the BJP and principled stand do not go together
    That is a bit far fetched – on that standard of evaluation only iuml will survive

    They have taken on their role in opposition to oppose everything that the Gov
    that is local democratic culture – the congress does nothing different – there should be quid pro quo…
    and the way the pm has behaved with the bjp to please plead and placate the communists id say little wonder.

    //- they are wonky on liberalization – the right of their party is as against liberalization as the Left is

    At least they did some liberalisation- they took office during the worst phase of economic cycles – the congress upa enjoyed the fruits of their liberalisation they ushered in- laloo could not overload the trains – get rails in profit and tom tom about it -if safety measures and track ovderhaul was not done by nitish – look at what the state of the nation is now and dont blame everything on oil!

    to a certain extent agreed but that at least shows inner party democracy – not like the communists and congress where the politburo secretary and CWC headmistress take all decisions but dont accept failures of policy

    //they are affiliated with blatantly communal organisations – the VHP, the RSS etal

    so? What do u think Congress and Communists do?
    they affiliate and take support of partys like IUML
    and court people like Madni- a sentensed terrorist – they even gave him aurvedic massages at state cost of 65000 and were head over heals to take credit
    they were against banning of SIMI –
    Also remember Samajwadi party has mps etc who dont mind giving islamic fatwas with cash incentives to kill people and has to goto kalam to get an ok on the nuke deal which they were so recently opposed to.

    tell me isn’t it a bit communal or worse even dangerous ? why do they pay for haj? it is haram in islam …

    And worse what have they done to redress problem of the secular hindus hurt in blasts? Ask a 94 blast victim – has he got justice ? someone injured in rail blast just missed getting compensation because he was 69% injured when stipulated was 70 – worse the fm was planning to tax compensation given to victims – but avoided it thanks to the backlash due to the press leak

    im not talking about the things that happened in jnk and how the mullah alliance has a hold on kashmir- and how hindu pandits were /are treated/ driven out/ irradicated from the valley in muslim majority state

    //- they are soft on terror (remember Jaswant Singh accompanying terrorists to Kandahar)
    agree here inexperienced govt messed up but- but u must also remember there was immense media pressure on them and to their defense at least they did it to free the aam admis(and a very rich swiss press maker that prints currency) – Tell me one more thing what was the stated policy of congress and communists in that case? Silence or acceptance to be flexible?
    remember both current cms of jnk from congress and pdp had dreaded terrorists freed for loved ones…

    plus talking about now – gujrat has better managed terrorism and economic policy than the centre, by whatever means (expect some commenting on this one)
    even then in bjp rule how many bomb blasts happened?

    // they are wonky on national interest-
    Every party looks at self interest first that includes the BJP …

    They say hamam mein sab nange – dont they?
    then why should bjp be a little more nanga ?

  4. Author

    The BJP has a problem. It has no policy. being Hindu or having Hindutva is not policy – it is as much dogma as following the Communist Manifeto
    you take away the Hindutva aspect — and the BJP is the Congress 🙁

  5. Author

    Accept it ur anti BJP
    but yes though not fully correct i agree and the same caveat applies to congress too
    without their so called secular and economically bad policy they are similar to congress

    on the nuke issue
    probably this may be much ado about nothing cause god alone knows how much time this govt will take to prove its majority – go to the iaea – then to the npt and nsg and lastly to the us congress which needs 30 days to debate and time is fast running out – because congress wants distraction from the price rise and the economic mess that its playing this card

  6. Author

    i am not as much anti – BJP as I am anti Hindutva. and that is not a political opposition as much as a philosophical opposition. The day the BJP repuidiates Hindutva – and with that association with the VHP, RSS – is the day i will take them seriously. I don’t have an issue with the rest of their policies — those are identical to

    For me Hindutva is a fascist ideology that takes a multi faceted, multi dimensional system of beliefs and tries to portray them as having common interests and agenda. I oppose Hindutva, not as a secular constitutionalist, but as a Hindu.

    I oppose the Congress less than i oppose the BJP. However, i have serious issues with the Congress – including the fact that they don’t take socio-economic decisions quicky. and that they sacrifice interests – especially women’s interests in the face of regional/communal pressure. The first victim of the SP Congress alliance is the women’s reservation bill.


  7. Author

    More than a threat i find them to be a reactionary counterbalance – as a friend once said they are necessary counterbalance if i have to cross that masjid (that haji mastan built) without threat , dirty stares or intimidation

    There are also sub caste bunches like the dalit panthers and the sambhaji brigade that are no less radical

    They are neither a threat to a secular india nor are they that dangerous – more so batoon ke sher.

    the BJP can never split fully from them even if they want to, just like a secular muslim cant quit islam in afghanistan or india without the fear of facing a death threat or fatwa.

    women’s reservation bill
    reserving seats as womens or dalits seat is wrong and to me anti democracy, reserve say 1/2 of candidates as women or 1/3 as party office bearers that is better

  8. Author

    i am very wary of dogma – be it communist or relgious or fascist. i get very antsy with people or parties who tell me how private life ought to be conducted or religion ought to be practised or how i should consume.

    just because others put up with bad behavior from religious/religious political organisations doesn’t mean i should. Afterall, people in China live in a non democratic set up … does it mean we should tolerate that kind of move….:)

    i wish we had more options for clean parties with clear policies. maybe a move to proportional representation will lead to that…

    i am not a great supporter of the women’s reservation bill – i too believe that parties should reserve appropriate number of seats or tickets …. but, in the current environment – that will be the first sacrifice.

  9. Author

    i get very antsy with people or parties who tell me how private life ought to be conducted or religion ought to be practised or how i should consume.

    here our opinions tally 100%

    but this is a hands on country bjp congress or communists they love to interfere, intreference is in the blood, its there in the vague laws and horrid interpretation – last comment from me

  10. Author

    had to post
    my fear of death comment
    was also based on the recent high court sentence to muslim parents who dismembered their daughter and skinned her cause she married a hindu
    not that there is no honor killings in hindus

    proportional representation will lead to that…
    i dont think so the way things are done in this country look at the state of the poor bcs – they have hardly seen changes for 50 yrs while a whole new creamy layer exists

  11. Author

    BJP has a problem – They dont have a policy!
    In that sense what is there with Congress? What is their legacy and where are they now?
    Manmohan is a cheap bureaucrat, who was darfted in to congress for make over,in that sense what has he done?

    Yes, he has liberalised India, but was against Pokhran and any kind of Nuclear Energy developmental programs when has the FM. Why such urgency now? Japan a close ally of US in asia took 7 years to ratify the deal. Manmohan dint even bother to address the left which stood with him for 4 long years! He went with his tail between the legs to G8 and appeased his masters there ,by telling that India is willing to go ahead with the deal. And congress gives us classes about parilmentary manners!~ Crap, Congress is devoid of any policies, they are infested by political clowns, who either suck up to Sonia to gain something or have only one agenda to push in Liberalisation and wait for the freaking trickle down effect.
    No, wonder RK Laxman’s common man always carried an umbrella, he was scared of the trickling down shi*!

  12. Author

    no party in India has a proactive policy

    and i agree partially to ur analysis of manmohan
    i wrote something about the nuke deal too
    In Vital National Interest

    but u forgot this govt is steered not by him but by the madam – and i think this is a gamble worth taking for the cwc and its think tank

    Economic mess and high fisc deficit and oil prices mean bye bye for them and sympathy can be garnered even if they loose the vote, and policy changes can be made if they win it means buying time which is what they hope for

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