There is no better sign of a party losing all signs of perspective than to attack Sachin Tendulkar on the eve of his 20th anniversary. Which is essentially what Balasaheb Thackeray did.

Thackeray said his “friendly advice” to Tendulkar was that he should “concentrate on international pitch” and stay away from politics for his “own well-being”.

Sachin’s ‘mistake’ – to state

“Mumbai belongs to India. I am a Maharashtrian and proud to be a Maharashtrian, but I am also an Indian,”

The Shiv Sena which has been floundering like a beached goldfish for the last 5 years – has possibly decided to put itself out of its own misery make political capital by taking on India’s favorite son.

‘You are free to hit fours and sixers on the cricket field, but keep off the political pitch,’ …… when you speak politics like this you tear the hearts of Maharashtrians. ‘With that one statement, you became ‘run out’ in the pitch of Marathi minds,’ stay away from politics for ‘…….own well-being …Thackeray said,

This, predictably, has united the rest of India – except for the Thackeray family – in a manner in which that even 26/11 couldn’t. Imagine the Congress, BJP, Communists, SP, etal agreeing on anything ?  Well they all agree that the old man has lost it.

I am waiting for a whole bunch of Sachin bhakts to take to the street and burn Thackeray effigies (the whole disunited family, why discriminate?) for the insult to their God !

to get a jhalak of the sentiment – check out the churumuri poll on Thackeray v/s Tendulkar here.

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21 thoughts on “Bal Thackeray Commits Blasphemy – Questions & Attacks God .

  1. clearly a sign of senile regression from the old prick.. The joke is the bot hasn’t realized that he has dug his own grave by attacking Mumbai’s (and India’s) most loved son. His own followers will turn against the desi-terrorist for this appallingly stupid dialogue.

    Isn’t there anyone to suture this bugger’s lips together, so that it never opens once again to speak against anybody. He and his ‘Raj’ has destroyed and divided Mumbai for long, enough is enough.

    Hail Sachin! and damn the d***heads who think they can threaten India’s jewel…

  2. Even Raj Thackery did not come in support of his uncle. Gargi madam, you commented correctly that this event has united the rest of India – except for the Thackeray family – in a manner in which that even 26/11 couldn’t. Sachin is still like hero in the hearts of Indian masses. Still, no one can deny the rise in the emerging celebreity like culture where fame makes anyone expert on everything.

  3. I think you overstate the power of Sachin Tendulkar. There are also millions of people in India, who think he has been past his prime for years now and it’s about time he retired.

    Not that Sachin’s performance has anything to do with Bal Thackeray’s comment. But, the point is that in the context of Mumbai and Maharashtra, Bal Thackeray and his ilk yield more power. To claim otherwise is foolish.

    1. hi sri
      it has nothing to do with Sachin and cricket.
      it has more to do with favorite son being attacked. especially after the 175 and then the anniversary …. everyone, is in that warm and fuzzy mode with him, so an attack is even more silly !

      Shiv Sena is losing support in Maharashtra – Balasaheb has been ill, Uddhav is not charismatic and there is no second level 🙁

  4. Gargi – Well said: Especially that united bit. Sachin brings the whole nation together. Bal Thackerey should rest in peace (pun intended;-)) and not stir up such controversies.
    Sachin merely stated what we all feel. Aren’t we Indians first? And if every player in the Indian team thought the way Thackerey thinks we would never have a team to be proud of!

    And going by Thackerey’s logic as Mumbaikars first we should not be prasing or applauding Dravid, Ganguly, Kumble, Laxman, Dhoni, Yuvrah, Bhajji, Sania, Bhupati, Saina, Vishwanathan Anand, P.Gopichand, Prakash Padukone, Dhanraj Pillay,Abhinav Bindra, P T Usha, etc – all non-Mumbaikar sportsplayers who have done us Indians so proud!

    I’m proud that I’m an Indian first, will always be – just what Sachin reminded all of us and yes Mumbai is a part of India and belongs to all – Raj and Bal can think otherwise – we could care less

    1. i think that this kind of tack that the SS, MNS or any uber regional party is dangerous for the Indian Republic.
      It is good to see icons stand up for the country !

  5. Absolutely Bang On…. What does he thinks he can say anything and getaway with it….

    High time for him to learn some sense that Sachin is Next to God in India.

  6. Sachin is like God to many in India. There are people who don’t watch cricket but will watch Sachin. You say something against him, entire India will unite.

  7. sachin’s nationality was never in doubt, so why did he feel the need to mention it? he was in his country and to proclaim your nationality is expected when you are on foreign soil, and then it would have been sufficient to say that he was proud of his achievement and happy about the glory he brought to his nation. what’s with the “marathi” endorsement? was he under pressure from the anti-thackary lobby? see, politicians should leave sports alone. if there is one thing that is apolitical, it is the sports’ arena. we don’t hear shane warne say,”i am proud to be an englishman, but i am also australian”! or saifu when he accepted the GQ award, ” i am proud to be a muslim-half-bengali, but i am also an indian”! get real, people! see the fiasco for what it really is, a political gimmick that works for ALL parties! whattay godsend!

  8. Well, I am glad that there was no violence in the wake of this controversy. When SS is involved I cannot but help think of the original SS. In any case there is now MNS. Perhaps it was because MNS decided to let SS stew that there was no violence.

  9. Interesting wordplay
    funnily Thackeray has his own bunch of loyal supporters who consider him god … just like Sachin does
    the fact is that they both are fallible humans.
    About them , delve back into history
    they have been a necessity for the success of the so called secular parties like the congress/ncp which can be considered as one of the creators of both the ss and the mns.
    Parties that talk but dont deliver , when governance is a sort of a trade… no wonder the state of the aam admi has gone from bad to worse

  10. Mr. Thackeray, it is because of divisive elements like you that our country has been divided and conquered by so many invaders. Please work towards uniting this country, not breaking it apart in your selfishness.

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