Not the best of waking up in the morning. the jaw hitting the floor in slow motion. The article read, before drinking the first cup of Kaapi only to realise that the alarm was raised over next to nothing.

Is this good reporting – i don’t know. The only thing i know is that two army units had a practise session on the day when the COAS went to court.Do they normally play ‘soldier soldier’ – I hope so. Are they suppose to ? – well, we have rehearsals before a shoot, so i presume that any large unit attempting something complex would have rehearsals. Are they supposed to inform others, presumably yes -so that people and units don’t trip over each other …. does all this  warrant front page with a headline that scares the sleep out of your eyes – I don’t know.

Maybe the good editor of IE would like to check out the story of the boy who cried wolf … or maybe their calendars have all been hacked and their internal system clock tells them it is April 1st. Maybe it is curiosity that has gone awry ….and maybe they thought that scoop is spelt as s’coup. or maybe the way they thought they will get some visiblity in the social and main stream media is to become the story themselves.

And finally, 

Surprisingly, First Post that is known to play fast and loose with stories – went to the defence of IE. It had an inexplicable space filler called Moral of Army ‘coup’ outrage: Twitter is for twits , little understanding two things

  • a lot of its own popularity is also due to  twitter and tweeple linking to stories published on first post. if firstpost doesn’t want people to do that then they should just say so.
  • it wasn’t tweeple who put out a panicky 3 line head line & full front page story it is the esteemed media that did.

While i appreciate that there is honour amongst all sorts of professional groupings, including thieves, there is no point shooting citizens who are rightfully appalled by the break down of institutions, the corrosion of morals and the subverting of the 4th estate. Put your houses in order, before raising fingers against us – after all we are the people 😀

And yes, on an average day I trust a politician more than I trust the media.

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