Gender Equality

The economies of the world are built on women’s unpaid work in the household and in the economy . It is time to redress this. I write for CNBC-TV18 Last fortnight, I had the opportunity to visit two villages, in Rajasthan and Maharashtra, where the focus was on women’s livelihood.Continue Reading

Farmer Loan Waiver

Farmer Protests have been spreading like wild fire, and dominating the media discourse. It all began with an election promise — loan waivers in UP, and the chickens have come home to roost. I write for the ABP India is going through an agriculture crisis. This agriculture crisis, unlike earlier ones,Continue Reading

My column in today’s DNA Nature’s fury. Human blunder. Himalayan tsunami. These are just some of the hyperbolic terms used to describe the cloudburst, flash floods and the subsequent devastation that has wracked Uttarakhand over the last week or so. But, this is neither the first disaster to hit IndiaContinue Reading