An ode to Bush…

…. is part of the syllabus for 11th standard students in Pakistan. It is truly quite …well, I am at a loss for words.
The poem:

Patient and Steady with all he must bear,
Ready to meet every challenge with care,
Easy in manner, yet solid as steel,
Strong in his faith, refreshingly real.
Isn’t afraid to propose what is bold,
Doesn’t confrorm to the usual mold,
Eyes that have foresight, for hindsight wont do,
Never back down when he sees what is true,
Tell it all straight, and means it all too.

Going forward and knowing he’s right,
Even when doubted for why he would fight,
Over and over he makes his case clear
Reaching to touch the ones who won’t hear.
Growing in strength, he won’t be unnerved
Ever assuring he’ll stand by his word.

Wanting the world to join his firm stand,

Bracing for war, but praying for peace,
Using his power so evil cease,
So much a leader and worthy of trust,
Here stands a man who will do what he must.

ROTFL, over and over again.
Truly funny. The worst minister in charge of education in India, Joshi, never put this kind of crap in the syllabus. Imagine an ode to Savarkar or Godse – in this vein. On the other hand, don’t.

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  1. Funny, Gargi? Fucking scary is more like it. It reminds me of the poems that communist dictators (like Caucesceu, et al) would have school children learn. It’s not funny, it’s unbelievable.

    All has changed in the world. The paradigms of the Cold War are gone. America has become a propoganda driven totalitarian state while Russia is staggering into free market oligarchy. Europe, the cradle of western civilisation, is overrun by immigrants from their erstwhile colonies. Free speech no longer exists and the truth is gone for the foreseeable future. In this bleak scenario, we can only expect more hossanahs praising the ‘leaders’ and more lies. More vapid pop music. More news that isn’t news. More PR-opaganda. More oppression. For everyone.

  2. cynical nerd – it makes it worse, there are impressionable school kids in more than one country learning this crap. Whatever happened to learning wordsworth and byron 🙂

  3. Sure I remember. I also remember you were supposed to provide me with some evidence re: Marx’s views on the Indian freedom movement…..remember ? 🙂


    PS Sankara live at Zenzi Thursday December 8th 10pm onwards. Please come.

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