Feb 042012

Someone has either a fantastic sense of humour or oversight 😀

am so glad that i have given up watching news TV – what verbal diarrhoea, what speculation, and what fiction…
and, this isn’t an anti -NDTV rant. in fact it was the least screechy of all channels – and even its decibel level was too much to take. I tried watching Times Now – Arnab is trying to present news like Sunny Deol in one of those war films… yaar mike use kartein ho, or does the equipment pick up sound waves by itself… and, Rajdeep Sardesai sounded hysterical.

DD news of course was the best -it had a story on digital art 😀

I go back to my self imposed exile from watching 24 hour news. At, this point let me state i think there is a great business possibility for a high quality, limited time news programme ( 1 hour show) on a daily or weekly basis. i would pay for it. about Rs.10 per day …

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  1. Hi – Welcome to the club! I gave up watching the 24 hour “news” channels about 3 months ago. I read a lot via the newspapers (Deccan Herald in Bangalore) and mainly from various blogs. I am happy this way … I have realised that there isnt much one misses if one does not see “news” channels … Life seems peaceful 🙂

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