Feb 132012

When Anita Narre stormed out of her husband’s home two days after their marriage in May 2011, it was an act of defiance unparalleled mainly because the reason was unheard of.Anita’s only grouse was that her in-laws’ house in Ratanpur village of Betul district did not have a toilet, and she refused to come back till one was in place.

and the village loaned money to the husband to build a toilet so he could woo his wife back. he did. She returned, and they lived happily ever after.

and today, many homes in the village have toilets… Anita Narre has won an award for encouraging sanitation in the village.

It is like the Rosa Parks Movement …sometimes all that it takes is for someone to say no …

Good things happen in India…wish we get to see/hear more about them..

via Award for woman who brought toilet revolution to a backward MP village – Indian Express.

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