Jun 042009

stuff i have no answers to …

a) what is it about the male of the species and their fascination for nose snort, ear wax and other assorted stuff … a few days ago i overheard two building boys having an animated conversation about how much goo they sneezed out… JD tells me that it tastes salty …SR pointed me out a kid in a rick who was eating the damn thing .. i sometimes have very suzy like reactions to some very calvin like behavior from the men in my life!

b) are there less people in restaurants because of the smoking ban or because of the recession?

c) when will the market realise that credit card companies have too many ‘sub prime’ outstandings ?

d) if people vote for a famous name, is it still dynasty ?

e) are Hindi news channels, regional news channels ?

f) Is Hindi a regional language ?

g) Do Libertarians grow up to live in a Positive world? or would they be for ever stuck in their Normative universe.

h) If Communists took themselves less seriously, would they get more work done ? Starting point, sirs, the 1800’s are over, please move to the 1900’s. the next step would be to slowly move you to the current period 🙂

i) Is the Pakistani Government Retarded ? someone needs to tell them about letting out a rabid viper into their midst. We will survive him, will they ?

if you know the answers to this, do reply. would love a civil conversation about these and other mysteries in my universe 🙂

And Finally, if you are going to write in to tell me that the headline should read inexplicable 🙂 don’t bother 🙂 i changed it to unexplained for ease of understanding:)

Jul 082008

… will the Right do what is right ? Rajya Dharma or Rajniti Dharma — i wonder which the BJP will follow on the nuclear deal ?

What the withdrawal of support by the Left has proven is that ‘Secularism’ – in the absence of other common ideals and principles – is not a good enough basis for a political alliance. Anymore than ‘socialism’ or ‘democracy’ or ‘hope’ or even ‘love’ is.

The UPA government began its term with Sonia Gandhi ‘renouncing’ power in National Interest. It seems like it may end its term with the Party renouncing power to defend a deal that they believe is in National Interest.

I am for one glad that the Congress Party has taken a stand. I am glad that the stand is in favour of the deal. I am glad that they had the courage to tell the Left to take a walk. I am glad that there is someone there trying to do the best as far as the Indian people are concerned.

Today, while the PM is at the G8 Summit – he may reflect on Nietzsche

Out of Life’s school of war, what does not destroy me, makes me stronger

He may also glance at a shloka from the Bhagvad Gita (ch.2, 14)

Thy right is to work only; but never to the fruits thereof. Be thou not the producer of the fruits of (thy) actions; neither let thy attachment be towards inaction

As I asked at the begining — will the BJP do what is right, or is it going to play politics with the long term energy security of the people of India ? It will be an interesting fortnight in politics.

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Jun 222008

the CPI(M) said in a statement:

“Nuclear energy has very little to do with oil—it cannot be used as a substitute for oil; unless the government experts have found a new way to burn uranium directly in cars and buses! On the other hand, natural gas from Iran would insulate India substantively from the oil price shocks. The government has been dragging its feet over the Iran…

This is seriously deluded. The two are different deals and are not substitutes for each other. And do we seriously only want to depend on an energy source that runs via Afghanistan and Pakistan. Even assuming the friendliest possible Governments in these nations, can we actually assume safe and secure delivery of fuel. And having a source of power linked to one country – that hasn’t been particularly stable – seems stupid.

For many developing nations, it is a mode of ensuring that all their peoples can develop — not just those who have money.

• A total of 441 nuclear power plants are operating around the world in 30 countries and produce 16% of global electricity. These plants represent over 10,000 reactor-operating years of experience. In addition, there are 32 new reactors under construction.

• The ten countries with the highest reliance on nuclear power are: Lithuania, 80%; France, 78%; Slovakia, 65%; Belgium, 57%; Bulgaria, 47%; Ukraine, 46%; Sweden, 46%; Slovenia, 41%; Armenia, 40%; Switzerland, 39%. The reliance in several other major countries is: Korea, 38%; Japan, 34%; Germany, 30%; UK, 22%; USA, 20%; Russia, 16%.

• A 500MW coal-fired power station produces almost 320,000 tonnes of toxic waste while a comparable nuclear power station produces about 20 tonnes per annum. The coal-fired facility will release into the atmosphere 4.38 million tonnes of carbon dioxide while the nuclear power station will release 87,600 tonnes. The coal waste will include 2.6 tonnes of uranium and 6.4 tonnes of thorium.

• There have been more than 12,000 operational years of nuclear power reactor operation during which there has been one nuclear accident – Chernobyl in the Ukraine – which has resulted in loss of life.

I am not suggesting that we use nuclear power to the exclusion of everything else – i would love to see solar or wind energy in action — but harnessing them for mass energy requirements is some time away. Nuclear techologies are tested, relatively safe ( yes i know about Chernobyl), and relatively non polluting. In today’s world where development seems like a very real possibility, we cannot let millions of our fellow citizens live in darkness because of dogma. And the left’s opposition to the deal is nothing but dogma . This is why they are blocking it…

The Left parties have been watching with disquiet the way the UPA government has gone about forging close strategic and military ties with the United States. The Left came out in
strong opposition to the Defence Framework Agreement. As per the agreement, India is taking steps to interlock our armed forces with that of the United States in the name of “interoperability”. The framework agreement is leading to various steps like the Logistics Support Agreement and the Maritime Cooperation Pact. The Left has been vehemently opposed to the joint military exercises as theone that took place in the Kalaikunda air base in West Bengal. These exercises were held despite the strong protests of the Left parties and the Left Front government of West Bengal. The years 2005 to 2007 have seen a sharp increase in joint exercises between the two armed forces. This is now being extended to the “quadrilateral” exercises as desired by the US with Japan and Australia in
the September naval exercises in the Bay of Bengal.

Not signing the deal because Iraq was invaded by the USA or Iran is threatened by the US, is a bit like not attending the Olympics because China is oppressing the Tibetians, or emmigrating because India has a patchy human rights record (including Nandigram).

Cars and buses aren’t the only thing that need oil. Nuclear power is used to produce electricity. Countries across the world are using nuclear power as an energy source – not to run cars, and buses – but to provide electricity to homes, industries and farms.

But, maybe the Left will like to have the bulk of India in darkness. That way they can revisit Nandigram a zillion times and no one will know.

On the issue of their threat to the UPA government to withdraw support – my suggestion would be to let them. The Government of India cannot exist with support of a Party that doesn’t have the interests of India and Indians at heart.

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Apr 092008

… doesn't seem as simple as it was in early days. There is something about non violent protest and the power of a mighty state brought to bear against these protesters that seems to have got people who don't even know where [tag]Tibet[/tag] is, to have an opinion on [tag]the Olympics[/tag], [tag]China[/tag], [tag]human rights[/tag] and everything else in between. Obviously the story hasn't gone off the front pages, wire services, blogs or discussion boards. Today 3 very different sets of headlines made me shake my head in amazement :

a) Bush May Boycott Elections – the man who killed a million or more in the Name of Democracy has decided that China in Tibet is a worse offender than him in Iraq.  

b) China vows to take Olympic torch to Tibet –  Bull in a China Shop methodology. Let us bludgeon instead of conversing. 

c)  Olympic Torch must Pass Through Inda Safe : Left – The only way that 'instruction' can be followed is to impose a complete curfew replete with shoot on sight orders …. so that those who carry the Olympic Torch are not hampered by protesters. Otherwise, get used to the sight of the Indian police using force on non-violent protesters ….. 

Have 'leaders' worldwide lost it ? 

Nov 252007

It is not often that one gets the chance to praise the Central Government. This is one of the rare times, and the reason is their conduct on the [tag]Tasleema Nasreen[/tag] issue. This is the Government position :

“The right to grant permission to stay in India is a Central government prerogative that has been given by UPA government to Taslima. Once granted, the person has the right to reside anywhere in India,” party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said.

Noting that the West Bengal government had no jurisdiction to force anyone to change their place of stay from West Bengal to anywhere else, Singhvi said Rajasthan government had no jurisdiction to force her relocation.

“Those who practise arbitrarily cannot preach to us. It is the Central government which has now given Taslima appropriate facilities,” he added.

I think that one of the the fallouts of both Nandigram & the aftermath of the Calcutta violence, has been the blurring of lines between the terror tactics of both the Fascists & the Communists. The BJP & the CPI (M) have become mirror images of each other, and the veneer of ‘national interest’/’interest of the poor’ has been stripped away to reveal them for what they truly are, bully boys with an agenda as an excuse.

It was truly funny to see the BJP claim the moral high ground for freedom of expression in the Tasleema Nasreen case. As Amit points out in India Uncut

“Does this mean you no longer have a problem with MF Hussain?”

The Congress is coming out of the cesspool that has been the last six months of Politics, smelling of roses!