Jul 102012

Old pictures that remind me that i have not been shooting – need to start again
I kind of love shooting black and white. somehow there is that romance of photography that comes through .. a snapshot in time

Prayers for us..

My grandmother (nani) praying. I asked her once whom does she pray to… she said i pray for that which is the maker of all, but i pray for you…


One day i will have a series of portraits from Mumbai labelled waiting. In an over crowded city with no privacy men, sometimes women, make their own space for a brief instant in time – and usually no one bothers them.

walking up

it is said that no one goes hungry in Mumbai. And it is possibly true. It is also said there is always honest work to be had.. and that is also true. What is not emphasised is that it is usually back breaking and soul destroying.

rajabhai tower_1
Mumbai University – once the best varsity in the country. Now it needs a short sharp shock to get back to its former glory… less grandstanding and more quality please.

Worli Mumbai

And Mumbai in the rains, on my favorite road – Worli Seaface …

Dec 142011

spider in the web
All this talk of internet censorship, somehow reminds me of the spider and the web…

Green Velvet

Walking down a slippery bunch of stones, mossed over, wet – with a camera and a tripod should be no fun – but it actually is :D

From the inside looking out

Nallasopara – home to an ancient stupa. I

Quiet Contemplation

I wonder what he (i think it is a he) is thinking about

Sep 272011


In my garden, Lonavala, the Parijaata tree blooms.

The tree with a story. Krishna and Satyabhama are in Indralok, helping the Devas fight Narakasura. When Krishna is injured in battle, Satyabhama picks up arms and slays Narakasura. Indralok is ecstatic. Song, dance, and revelry follow. Satyabhama on her visit to the celestial garden chances on the Parijaat tree – the tree with flowers with heavenly (it would be) fragrance. Krishna, seeing Satyabhama’s interest, decides to get her the tree. However, Indra decides to play spoilsport -that which belongs to heaven cannot be shared, types. Krishna, did not grow up outwitting the gopas and gopis for nothing. He manages to lift a branch – and escape from Devlok with Satyabhama (they fly Garuda). Indra tries to stop them – but fails. Being a sore loser he curses the plant with not being able to bear fruit in its earthly avtaar.

Krishna plants the branch in Satyabhama’s garden. (the flowers fall into Rukmini’s garden, but that is another story)

The Parijaat – botany knows it as the night flowering jasmine or the Nyctanthes arbor-tristis