Geography is not Politics …

There is no rioting in the NE , The riots are in part of one district Kokrajhar , Assam.

The North East is 7 continuous states in the North East of India + Sikkim.


You would expect news media (even group blogs) to get basics right.  I hope they change the head line.

I also hope that someone responsible – and i hope that  has someone responsible in charge – spanks whoever put out that headline.


A long time ago, when I was studying for my Masters at City, my group was in a Seminar on International Relations. The lecturer was talking about post the post colonial Britain, and said something about Afro Caribbean people. a classmate of mine (from Barbados) drawled from the back seat – “pardon me Peter, what is Afro Caribbean – we are either African or Caribbean and there is an ocean  between us. Unless you want to lump all blacks (her word not mine) together”. That class ended in chaos.

Editors in India have to erase the word North East from their lexicon. the states have nothing in common but geography. And, Geography means a rats ass in this word. Continuous use of that word to   represents ignorance, bigotry and deep rooted callousness.

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