…seems to have taken on a new meaning. The Guardian reports: British scientists are seeking permission to create hybrid embryos in the lab by fusing human cells with rabbit eggs. If granted consent, the team will use the embryos to produce stem cells that carry genetic defects, in the hopeContinue Reading

Upgrading to WP 2.0 has been quite eventful. I installed it this morning. And when i began reactivating the plugins, the site disappeared for the better part of the day. and it required whole jumps of logic to get it back again.And the process of logical deduction was nowhere asContinue Reading

SR on the phone to the client: “a good business deal is one in which the least number of people get hurt” Good One. Should use it in a film one day 🙂Continue Reading

If you thought it was just in Hindi films that the hero sang out to the heroine when he was trying to woo her, think again. Male mice sing to female mice when they come across atractive female mice 🙂 within seconds of encountering the scent of female mouse urine,Continue Reading

…was essentially a continuation of yesterday – and i don’t mean it in any philo level sense. It was a continuation of footsie and ring-a-ring-a-roses. The problem is that when you play footsie while you go around in circles, you are more likely to end up playing humpty dumpty. AndContinue Reading