I like watching movies uninterrupted. no breaks every 15 minutes, no phones ringing, no kids crying …. Which pretty much rules out watching movies on TV or even at the multiplex. At one point in time I had a huge VHS collection – now I tend to buy DVD’s whereContinue Reading

One Line Review – The Day the Naxals won ! summary – on a planet far far away, computer generated ancient people – who live as one with nature – face off against wicked humans who want to mine a rare metal ! And, of course, with bows and arrows,Continue Reading

I have been, for long, a huge fan of Alan Moore -the British Comic writer – who has shaped the form that comics have taken since the 1980’s. The 1960’s and 1970’s were the time when comics in general, and super hero comics in particular were bright and cheesy –Continue Reading

Take some data. it could be any data. Add a bit of correlation, stir in a bit of causality, simmer with coincidence and garnish with a leap of faith – package well with a chatty narrative style -and bingo – you have Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, which looksContinue Reading

i kind of know why I stopped watching movies. They got bad. Then, they got terrible. And, then they just got plain unwatchable. And, i went from being someone who would watch a movie a day to one who watches one every 2 months, and that too because it isContinue Reading

The buzz, the glamour, the hype, the smartness, the over exposure, in a way makes us forget what a good actor [tag]Shah Rukh Khan[/tag]  is. And, [tag]Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi[/tag] is another example of a person carrying a film by their sheer ability. Yesterday, along with a full theatreContinue Reading

Ode to Kirihito – Osamu Tezuka is one of my favourite graphic novelists. I found his Buddha series incredible, and his Apollo’s Song heartbreakingly beautiful. JD gifted me ‘An Ode to Kirihito a few months ago, but i simply didn’t have the time to start it. A few weekends ago,Continue Reading